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MARCHI CUCINE @ Eurocucina / Milano 2014


Italian kitchen maker MARCHI displayed their range of wonderfully vintage kitchens during EUROCUCINA.

In addition to the new 50ies inspired kitchen that was recently shown in Paris, the brand launched a vintage luxury kitchen than looks like an old english pub. Great stuff!

MARCHI_EC_stand MARCHI_EC_50ies_beige8 MARCHI_EC_50ies_beige7 MARCHI_EC_50ies_beige6 MARCHI_EC_50ies_2MARCHI_EC_50ies_beige5 MARCHI_EC_50ies_3MARCHI_EC_50ies_4cMARCHI_EC_50ies_3beigeMARCHI_EC_50ies_4MARCHI_EC_50ies_2beigeMARCHI_EC_50ies_1MARCHI_EC_posh_dining MARCHI_EC_posh_big MARCHI_EC_posh_det MARCHI_EC_posh_1MARCHI_EC_loft_big2 MARCHI_EC_loft_big MARCHI_EC_loft_det3 MARCHI_EC_loft_plates MARCHI_EC_loft_cupboard MARCHI_EC_loft_sink MARCHI_EC_loft_det2     MARCHI_EC_loft_1      MARCHI_EC_2

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