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MIELE tries to boost individuality through extra handles @ EUROCUCINA 2014 / Milano 2014


As previously anounced MIELE wanted to launch a new level of individuality at this year’s EUROCUCINA in Milano.

The 6000 range of appliances was given a series of handle options under the label of “Miele Signature”. Each of the four MIELE colour worlds “brilliant white”, “obsidian black”, “clean steel” and “havanna brown” was given a choice of matching handles in a gold finish or with inlays of stone, glass “vitro” or wood “nature”. Each handle design line has a seperate logo as well.

The strategy is obvious and understandable as the brand wants to add “style” to the brand’s main strength “reliability”. We already doubted that the colour segmentation works convincingly well. But the handle idea did not feel well-executed. Apart from a dazzling multitude of logos and typefaces, the overall design of the presentation was a bit off-strategy to us.

The kitchens on display should have communicated “individuality” and “luxury” and catered to a wide range of global tastes. But looking at the kitchen layouts and the choice of materials, colours and decoration it feels very much, forgive us the wording, like the taste of a provincial fair designer. Let su pick two examples: The glossy brown wood-decor that tries to match the “Havanna Brown” glass decor looks down-right cheap. The white kitchen looks strangely disproportionate with the overweighted frames around the appliances. And the light on the stand did not help to get the message across either.

MIELE is such a great company and trusted brand. It would be only wise if you intend to play in the luxury game, to come to Milano and be at least on par with the design levels of the italian kitchen makers. When in Milano, please do as the milanese (at least), next time…


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