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Dejavu: Michalsky does it again for WMF @ Ambiente 2014


Michael Michalsky has created a new cutlery and table top series for WMF. The clean and modern set by the ex-Adidas creative was launched at the Ambiente fair yesterday.

Although WMF marketeers usually boast their tip top marketing credentials, the choice of brand x designer celebrity is odd as the Geislingen secondary brand Auerhahn has been the home for Michalsky designs in the recent past – like the cutlery series Jazz. Ironically the bicoloured series has three (uneven) stripes.


JAZZ cutlery series by Michalsky for Auerhahn.


We interpret this as either a hint to take Auerhahn off the market in the next years or that the marketeers simply did not have any other newsworthy novelties.

Michalsky is mainly known in Germany, though. It remains to be seen if this is the right move towards international growth. We guess that this project was kicked off well before the new guard (KKR & Peter Feld) acquired or joined WMF.



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