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WMF goes Outdoor @ Spoga 2013

10_Saeulengrill WMF all for one 9

14_Saeulengrill WMF all for one 13

WMF goes Outdoor

WMF launched a range of grills to complement the existing accessories at this year’s Spoga in Cologne. There are only a few images available, but you get the idea that WMF is strongly relying on their iconic strength of stainless steel and clean design to push into this new market. The branding is fairly heavy, but the guys in Geislingen seem to be proud of their new grill stations.

Fair images via

Mood images via WMF AG

3 comments on “WMF goes Outdoor @ Spoga 2013

  1. Mark

    Most products sold under WMF brand are “Made in China” and have not much to do with the old German factory. Maybe they are even not developed there but bought in China.

  2. Dennis

    Don’t talk when you don’t want to say something with arguments. Your information is not right Mark. This product is MADE IN GERMANY

    • Chef de Cuisine

      Dear Dennis, dear Mark, you are both right. WMF produces in Germany and imports items from various sources based on their designs. In the case of the new grills, these are made in Germany according to WMF.

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