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SAMSUNG Home Appliances @ IFA 2013


Korean home appliance giant Samsung showed their vision of a digital home. All appliances are linked via wifi and sport touch screen controls. Entering newly bought food including quantity and use-by-dates was a more labourious task than shopping for groceries…
Here are some screen shots to prove the point.

Samsung also introduced fridges with integrated Sodastream dispensers and with split doors for accessing either the contents of the door of the inside of the fridge.

3 comments on “SAMSUNG Home Appliances @ IFA 2013

  1. Lotte

    We attended the Samsung Home Experience showcase event in Harrods last year, it was AMAZING! Love Samsung

    Lotte xo

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  3. charleswesley

    Nice blog. Its really very useful. Keep sharing this.
    Samsung Home Appliances

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