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Miele Home Appliances @ IFA 2013 – Digital Home, Design Worlds & a new Washing Machine W1


Miele showed their take on the digital home under the label “Miele @ Home”. In contrast to some other offerings, Miele opted for the Qivicon system launched by the german Telekom which is open for third parties.


Miele also displayed three “design worlds” based on their four colour schemes: “Stainless steel”, “Brilliant White, “Obsidian Black” and “Havanna Brown” with matching furniture colours. These schemes made up also the most part of a flashy 3D animation of Miele kitchen appliances in animated kitchens. In comparison to the subtle differences you can create with different materials in a kitchen design, this design approach looks a bit over-simplified. Miele’s intention is to show how kitchen designs could be based on the choice of appliances – not on the furniture style. They also want to close the design gap versus Gaggenau. We doubt that both aims can be achieved by these means. There is even the risk that Miele looses their image of life long quality by adding a too flamboyant style elements.


Amongst the new products on offer by Miele, the “Knock2open” dishwasher and the new washing machine W1 – with optional automatic dosage system – stuck out. The dosage system also meant that Miele is now distributing their own washing liquids. We wonder what Henkel thinks of this…

5 comments on “Miele Home Appliances @ IFA 2013 – Digital Home, Design Worlds & a new Washing Machine W1

  1. Caleb

    Digital home appliances will make a huge impact on the market and for homes in the coming years. Technology is always advancing, even in home appliances.

    • Chef de Cuisine

      Hi Caleb,
      technology is advancing but there is a difference between real user value and mimicking iPhone user interfaces.

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