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SieMatic @ Autumn fair 2013

Here are some impressions from SieMatic’s fair days. The main focus was on the new system for drawers and deviders.

1381583_597714030289938_1898442746_n 1381457_597713406956667_670636522_n 1378243_597713410290000_808056157_n 1380011_597713416956666_745915043_n 540149_597713443623330_1619845080_n 1385653_597713450289996_2023379774_n 1381651_597713453623329_1375175848_n 1391531_597713540289987_1322979737_n 1381846_597713570289984_1850453722_n 554003_597713596956648_1877671456_n 1385624_597713636956644_1710258006_n

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