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Weird Cookbooks Pt. 4 – Cooking with the Bad Guys, without Power and in Space.


Here are our latest web finds of weird and wonderful cookbooks.

Cooking with the Bad Guys – Recipes from the World’s Most notorious kitchens by Don Abel collected some recipes by notorious gangsters and criminals like Al Capone, Jack the Ripper, and Attila the Hun.


You could get even more criminal with “Cooking to kill – the Poison Cookbook” by Ebenezer Murgatroyd and Herb Roth (Illustrations) from 1951. Any mother-in-law to get rid of, this is the book you need.


If gloomy, doomy days are here, you better prepare by reading “Apocalypse Chow” that shows you “how to Eat well when the power goes out” by Jon Robertson.


If you have survived the apocalypse, Christa Weil’s “Fierce Food” might be what you need then to eat your way out of your bunker.


If the desaster is so big and you might consider leaving the blue planet, here is the matching cookbook: “The Astronaut’s Cookbook” by Charles T Bourland and Gregory L. Vogt.

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