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NOBILIA @ Autumn Fair – No handles, new colours & clever marketing

No handles @ NOBILIA

Under the label “line N” Nobilia introduced their handle-free kitchen range to cater to the design-end of the market. Although handle-free only make up 15-20% of the market, this move is seen to be a game-changing move.


Apart from the bold move into handle-free kitchens, Nobilia introduced new greige/taupe colours, the extra cold “new white” and a bright red that resembles the fashionable coral red. The insertable coloured boxes are a fashionable trend this year. Orange, teal and saffron are Nobilia’s highlight colours of the season.


The clever guys at Nobilia did not only show huge show kitchens but also created a series of “real” appartments and family homes complete with doorbells and mailboxes – and reality tested kitchens. Very clever, indeed.

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