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BOSCH @ IFA 2013 – Clever new ideas that make sense


When you enter the fairgrounds BOSCH displays their range of A+++ appliances in a large cube near the entrance. The appliance giant boasts the biggest assortment of energy efficient A+++ products in the european market. Clever visualization of an otherwise abstract fact.


The german engineer brand that had its product developers wear the classic white laboratory coats did a great job a getting consumer benefits across (better than their more design-led sister company Siemens, if we might add this). Noise reduction was visualized with huge anti-sound ear-protectors. These are going to pop-up in stores as well, we were told.


The low vibration chasis of a washing machine was displayed by using simple balls on a string. The red one bounced, the green one not.


To show the automatically adjusting cooking ventilation, BOSCH both showed their new “Ecosensor” that is a development from the car industry arm of BOSCH and used white smoke to visualize the new self-adjusting mode of the wall-mounted ventilation system.


Colour always works well. This IFA BOSCH used fifteen boldly coloured retro fridges to show variety. Not all of the colours will be available but the visitors were asked to choose their favourites. The top 5 will make it to the market.

IFA_BOSCH_NEW_COLOURS_IMG_6681In contrast to cleverly visualized ideas these two new cooktop colours were hidden away on the side of the show kitchen. White and greige/taupe will be added to the current all-black range.

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