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“Mobile Gastfreundschaft” – mobile miniature kitchens

Conceptual design studio Chmara.Rosinke from Vienna designed a mobile kitchen / hospitality unit called “mobile gastfreundschaft”.

The project was launched with a happening in 2011 in Dornbirn, Austria and was supported by Art Design Feldkirch.

mobile_hospitality_rosinkechmara_01_new132-630x420 mobile_hospitality_rosinkechmara_01_new111-630x420-1 mobile_hospitality_rosinkechmara_01_new171-630x420 mobile_hospitality_rosinkechmara_01_new181-630x420 mobile_gastfreundschaft_mobile_kitchen_chmararosinke115-630x420


Mobile hospitality has won the DMY International Design Festival 2012 Award and NWW 2012 Award,

It was exhibited at DMY, Bauhaus Archiv, Klaus Engelhorn Depot, Lodz Design Week, ArtDesign Feldkirch, Bratislava Design Weekend
and the white edition realised with NWW was exhibited at Saloni del Mobile 2013.

project: 2011, black edition 2012
materials: massive pine wood
dimensions: 76x120x110 cm

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