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Bulthaup Kitchens @ Milano 2013 – BACK TO THE FUTURE

German kitchen brand Bulthaup took the opportunity of the Milano Design Week to show a new way of thinking about kitchen design.

Based on the existing b3 range the presentation steered away from a classic kitchen layout to a series of functional blocks with different heights: prepare, cook, eat, talk, store etc….

You could see that most visitors were puzzled by the presentation, but bulthaup has proven again, that in the middle of optical design hypes that make up most of Milano, the right way of thinking makes the real difference.




Interestingly, the accessories played a major part in the presentation. A collection of old wooden cutting boards and great vintage Bulthaup copper pots & pans from the Otl Aicher years linked the clean architectural presentation with the visual and emotional depth of real kitchen usage.


BH_KT_IMG_1964BH_KT_IMG_1949 KopieBH_KT_IMG_2504

The presentation in Via Durini reminded us of the early days of modern Bulthaup in the 1980ies. The revolutionary book by “Die Küche zum Kochen” / “The Kitchen is for Cooking” and the renaissance of serious cooking was the basis of bulthaup’s success from the 1980ies onwards. The presentation in Milano felt like a modern re-interpretation of this attitude towards kitchens & cooking: functionality and thinking about what the users actually do in  their kitchens is the key.

Here are some vintage Bulthaup pictures from the Otl Aicher era, to prove the point:


Some pages from the 1984 bulthaup kitchen catalogue :

BULTHAUP_HISTORY_system_b-1 BH_HISTORY_system_b-2 BH_History_system_b-3


BH_History_system_b-12 BH_history_system_b-10

The iconic “Küchenwerkbank” / kitchen work bench that symbolized the workshop-like attitude. It was revisited in the current b2.

Bulthaup Kitchens @ Milano 2013 - BACK TO THE ROOTS

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