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Alain Passard Collages – from Book to special VIPP Bin

French 3 Michelin-Stars chef Alain Passard had written a cookbook called “Collages & Recettes” about two years ago.

The illustrations feature Matisse-style collages of flat vegetable images as used in the recipes.

He uses the illustrations to decorate his restaurant “L’Arpège” in Paris as well.

Alain Passard_rgbAlain_Passard_31rVANQcoiL._SL500_ Kopie Alain_passard_Book_41N5ktu4TGL Alain_passard_book_41-Im90CLAL Alain_passard_collage_598412_379299598803915_616808245_n Alain_passard_576917_379299732137235_2144680932_n Alain_passard_423108_302630816470794_953346184_n Kopie Alain_Passard_511J8CyNI6L Alain_Passard_book_41m5gQfOGHL Alain_passard_41GXuW0f9wL Kopie Alain_Passard-book-41AsiThiGZL Kopie Alain_Passard_book_51-U+lb2CYL Alain_Passard_book_51DoCrWE2KL

Now the danish bin brand Vipp has put some of these funky collages on their bins. From book to bin in two years.

Vipp_Passard_groupe_blanc_04 Kopie Vipp_Passard_jardin_arleqin_single_08 Kopie Vipp_Passard_noir_blanc_groupe_07 Kopie Vipp_Passard_groupe_noir_09 Kopie Vipp_Passard_Groupe_01 Kopie




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