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Celebrity Kitchens: Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Monroe and others

Have a look at the kitchens of hollywood stars and celebrities like Robert Redford, Joan Crawford, Justin Timberlake, Jane Fonda, Brad Pitt etc.

Brad-Pitt_kitchen-574x430 Kopie

Brad Pitt in Malibu

jennifer-lopez-kitchen-1 Kopie

J Lo

justin-timberlake-kitchen Kopie

Justin Timberlake


Marilyn Monroe

kim-kardashian-kitchen Kopie

Kim Kardeshian

elton-john-kitchen Kopie

Elton John

Farrahs-kitchen Kopie

Farrah  Fawcett

diane-keaton-kitchen-L Kopie

Diane Keaton

paltrow-kitchen Kopie

Gwenyth Paltrow


Robert Redford

Joan_Crawford_newyorkkitchenx Kopie

Joan Crowford in NYC


Joan Crawford in California


Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda

Woody Allen Makes Malted In His Kitchen

Woody Allen


Woody Allen

Jurassic_Park_raptors Kopie

Not a celebrity, really, but a nice treat: the kitchen in Jurrasic Park.

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