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Andy Warhol’s Kitchen

Edie_Sedgwick_Roger_Trudeau_Rene_Ricard_shooting_Kitchen Kopie

Here are some still shots from Andy Warhol’s film “Kitchen” and a series of kitchen images from both his work and home.

 Warhols-kitchen kitchen_warhol_2
Two film stills from Andy Warhol’s “Kitchen” movie from 1965 with Eddie Sedgwick.
Keith_richard_warhol_kitchen_2 keith_richard_warhol_kitchen
Keith Richard in Andy Warhol’s Kitchen in Montauk, 1975.
warholwithbigshot Kopie
Andy Warhol in a Kitchen with a Big Shot Polaroid camera. Shot by Thom Lafferty.
Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol in a Kitchen for the opening of the Warhol Museum in 1979, by McKenzie.
Lou Reed in Andy Warhol’s Kitchen, shot by Andy Warhol.
“Knives” screenprint series from 1981-1982. 
 Andy Warhol's Kitchen

“Two cakes and a gun” from 1985.

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