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Modular & Mini Kitchens

Here is a collection of modular and micro kitchens.

Joe Colombo’s MINI-KITCHEN.20130212-064342.jpg




The iconic MINI-KITCHEN was designed in 1963 by Joe Colombo and produced by Boffi in 1964. It packs a whole kitchen with all appliances (Cooking / in less than a cubic meter. It is now reproduced by Boffi again.




Bulthaup B2 by EOOS Design. www.bulthaup.com20130212-064527.jpg

Miniki, different sized miniature modules with coloured insides.

Here is a short video about miniki:





Roland Landsbergs designed a complete interior with crystal like shapes and cuts. The boxetti kitchen module is white on the outside and orange on the inside.

20130212-065139.jpgm2 m4 m8 m12 m13

Burkhard Schaller designed “Magdalena Gravity”, a set of wireframe kitchenmodule with white frames for each utility. Via StylinRooms


Modular kitchen “A la Carte” by Stadtnomaden.


“Solaris” kitchen table / module by Ernesto Meda.
via link


Philipp Starck designed this module for Warendorf Kitchens, formerly known as Miele kitchens.

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