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Bulthaup roots – Otl Aicher and the essence of cooking

AicherBuch Kopie_KT

The famed book by Otl Aicher “The Kitchen for Cooking”, shown here in a later re-edition with a different typeface in the cover, was surely the starting point of a revolution in the way we think about kitchen design.

Taking his inspirations from professional cooking he started putting the preparation of food back into the centre of the kitchen: the main symbol was a butcher bloc for cutting.

We are currently researching the web for more material on the roots of Bulthaup (see our other post about current Bulthaup here and the iconic work of Otl Aicher for the famed german kitchen producer. The break with clean, closed cabinets and opening up the kitchen to a professional like cooking system feels old in terms of aesthetics, but very new in terms of needs. To be continued. We might need this kind of thinking again today…



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