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vipp kitchen – The kitchen to match your favourite bin

Danish brand vipp has launched a kitchen to match their iconic bin.

Designed by Morten Bo Jensen it stretches the essentials of the brand (solid coloured steel, rubber) in a clean industrial scandinavian way. The result is a series of modules from small shelves to big cooking blocks with integrated SMEG gas cookers in black and white. Very iconic but surely a niche product that embodies vipp in a bold way.

In contrast to normal kitchen design, the vipp bin stays outside of the modules – of course.

vipp_kitchen_3212 Kopie

vipp_kitchen_3198 Kopie


vipp_kitchen_3179 Kopie

vipp_kitchen_3134 Kopie

vipp_kitchen_3108 Kopie

vipp_kitchen_3094 Kopie

vipp_kitchen_3084 Kopie

Vipp_BlackKitchen01 Kopievipp_kitchen_3116 Kopie Vipp_kitchen_koncept_1

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